Federal Judge Rules First Amendment Case Against University of Virginia May Proceed

Federal Judge Rules First Amendment Case Against University of Virginia May Proceed

by Breccan Thies

A federal judge recently ruled a University of Virginia (UVA) School of Medicine student, who was suspended for questioning the validity of “microaggressions” at an academic panel discussion, may move forward with a lawsuit against the school for allegedly violating his First Amendment rights.

In 2018, Kieran Bhattacharya, then a second-year medical student, attended a panel discussion hosted by several UVA professors that dealt with the topic of how “microaggressions” impact the practice of medicine. Apparently concerned with how the standard for “saying a microaggression” might apply, Bhattacharya questioned how it is possible the “person who is receiving the microaggressions somehow knows the intention of the person who made it,” adding, “a microaggression is entirely dependent on how the person who’s receiving it is reacting.”

Bhattacharya also questioned if it was a “requirement … that you are a member of a marginalized group … to be a victim of a microaggression,” expressing concern with the overbroad definition of ‘marginalized.’ Panelist Beverly Colwell Adams, UVA assistant dean, replied it was not a requirement and the definition was “intentional to make it more nonspecific.” Read the rest at breitbart.com.

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  • The only way this garbage will stop is if the school and the school administrators are sued for millions of dollars. After Kieran wins the lawsuit the administrators need to be fired WITHOUT any fat retirement checks. They also need to be prevented from working at any other university or any other educational institution. Eventually, the lefties will get the message that it is NOT OK to bully people with this commie BS.