Don’t Let Bill de Blasio Silence Parents Critical of City Education

Don’t Let Bill de Blasio Silence Parents Critical of City Education

Mayor de Blasio is going to allow the Department of Education to remove elected parents from Community Education Councils if they criticize schools. (NYC Mayor’s Office)

by Maud Maron and Danyela Souza Egorov

On his way out the door, Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to sneak in a final blow to public-school families: a rule allowing the Department of Education to discipline and remove elected parents from Community Education Councils (our school-board equivalent) if they criticize the school district they are meant to hold accountable.

The Panel for Education Policy will vote on this Orwellian proposal Dec. 21 — not a historically high parent-participation date. 

Chancellor’s Regulation D-210 would skirt the democratic process and give the DOE sweeping power to silence parents. It relies on vague language to determine “violations of conduct” and, more disturbing, establishes yet another administrative position to monitor parents: the equity-compliance officer. This (no doubt expensive) bureaucrat would be charged with deciding who to target for removal for violating the newly expanded “code of conduct.” Read te rest at

  • He’s going to run NYC right into the ground… The question is will it be resurrectable by a constitutionalist patriotic American who’s willing to run for mayor after he and his successor are finished with their destructive terms? Or, will this be the last of a once great city?