Defiant Mark Meadows Slams the Democrats: ‘They’re Not Going to Intimidate Me’

Defiant Mark Meadows Slams the Democrats: ‘They’re Not Going to Intimidate Me’

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ATLANTA, Georgia — Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows slammed partisan Democrat efforts to attack him with a criminal contempt of Congress resolution on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday night, as he delivered a rousing speech to conservatives gathered to mark the launch of a Georgia state legislature branch of the Freedom Caucus.

Speaking to hundreds of state legislators from around America and other conservative leaders gathered at the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, Meadows implored them to recognize a higher calling in their work and noted that the Democrats in Washington, DC, who are pushing to hold him in contempt through the January 6 Committee are motivated by evil.

“You’re not here by accident,” Meadows said. “You’re here with a special purpose and a calling on your mind. Each one of you who are here have overcome obstacles to serve your state, your country, and your family. It has not all been a bed of roses. What the enemy means for evil, He will make it good. I say that because tonight on the House floor, the Democrats are going to send a clear message that not only should I be referred for criminal contempt but that anybody who is a conservative and supported Donald Trump should be ashamed. They’re not going to intimidate me.” Read the rest at

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  • The problem with the RINO Party is that too many of them can be BICed (Bought off, Intimidated and/or Compromised). The RINOs need to be primaried and replaced with conservatives.