Defending American Democracy Requires We Start by Crushing the Public School Weirdos

Defending American Democracy Requires We Start by Crushing the Public School Weirdos

Source: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File

by Kurt Schlichter

Kurt Schlichter

If you think pierced mutants with blue hair and gender confusion have some sort of right to leverage their position as public school teachers to groom your kids with racist Marxism and sexual confusion, you hate democracy. Schools were not established so that narcissistic stange-os with galaxy-sized daddy issues could work out their personal psychodramas using our children’s minds as props. They were established to teach our kids to read, write, do some math, and be useful citizens. And that’s what we, the People, want.

And we, the People, get to make the decision about what gets taught in our classrooms. The emphasis is on “our classrooms,” as in “not the government employees we hire to instruct classes” classrooms. I know where these people got the idea that the classrooms are their domain and we mere citizens are mere interlopers. They got it in their college education course classrooms, where they were taught that they are entering some sort of special caste by being teachers and have some sort of special claim on what goes on inside the schools that mere parents may not interfere with.


The kids are ours.

The schools are ours.

And the curriculum is ours.

Public education is not a vehicle to vindicate the feelz and thotz of the nimrods who teach in them. It’s to do the job we – the bosses – decree should be done, and nothing else. Teach our kids their ABCs and how to count. Read the rest of this article at

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  • We pay goofball “educators” to destroy our kids’ lives. What a conn-tree! The goofball teachers and the bums that hire them need to be fired…with NO fat government retirement checks.