Dan Bongino – The Democrats’ Lying Love Affair

Dan Bongino – The Democrats’ Lying Love Affair

Dan Bongino began his Fox News weekly program, Unfiltered this Saturday with a segment he dubbed: The Democrats’ Lying Love Affair. Watch:

Bongino: “I want to talk about the Democrats, their love affair with lying, and the burden of carrying all those lies all the time. This was addressed this week in a spectacular piece. It’s a must read by Victor Davis Hanson, called The Crushing Weight of Lies. Hanson’s optimistic that the crushing burden on the Democrat party to continue to lie to the American people, is going to be exposed shortly, as he states in the opening paragraph of the piece. He says: ‘One reason I remain optimistic about the impending end of Wokism and the failure of the Cultural Revolution, is that the dangers they pose are unsustainable. And by that I mean they require such dissimilation, that the load of lies eventually will snap the spine of those asked to carry and disseminate them.’

“So what are the things they’re openly lying about? Well first is obviously immigration. Do you see this tweet by our own Bill Milugin? He’s actually down at the border folks. Like he’s there he can see it with his own eyes. He tweeted this week, that the city of McAllen Texas says the Federal government’s released over seven thousand COVID positive migrants into their city since February, including over 1500 new infected migrants in just the last week alone. A local state of disaster in McAllen has been declared. It’s not Melugin lying, it’s someone else.

“Look at this video, by the way. Your eyes lying to you? Are Bill Milugin’s eyes lying to him? This is people piling out of buses into McAllen Texas. You see it right there on your screen. This wasn’t some A.I. that created this. So who do you believe? Your eyeballs or Jenn Psaki in the Biden administration? Take a look at this…”

Bongino then played a video clip from a recent White House press briefing where Peter Doocy asks press secretary, Jenn Psaki a legitimate question and receives her usual snarky response.

  • No Dan,
    The most obvious lie is that is that – Biden won the election and that we have a legitimate government.

  • It’s the DemocRAT-Communist Party.

    FrankSpeech.com (August 10-12, 2021–tomorrow) Trump Won the 2020 election. Everyone needs to see this.