Dan Bongino: Fighting to Preserve Freedom in America

Dan Bongino: Fighting to Preserve Freedom in America

On his weekly Fox News show, Unfiltered, Dan Bongino talks about our loss of free speech right here in America under the Biden administration. Our precious First Amendment? Not so much. Watch:    

Bongino: Is the free world still free? Here’s what countries that aren’t free look like.

Dan then plays video of unrest in Venezuela, Iran and China

Back to Bongino: What if I told you all of those things were happening right here and other countries in a formerly Free-world? You have shoplifters now walking into stores, walking into stores with duffle bags and walking out of the stores with double bags. They are not running from, just robbing and stealing, just walking out.

Law and order, opposite ends of the same points. As the country, other free countries around the world still free, are you free to post information on social media? Should be able to do that, right?

The Biden administration clearly doesn’t think so because they’re trying to crush free speech. Right now, right here and they’ve shifted their target, did you catch it? From mis-information to dis- information…

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