Conservatives Are Not Giving Spineless Leaders Any Second Chances

Conservatives Are Not Giving Spineless Leaders Any Second Chances

Source: AP Photo/John Raoux, File

by Kurt Schlichter

Okay, you have every right to expect that, by now, anyone purporting to be a conservative thought leader – ugh, what a lame term – will be conservative woke, sometimes known as “based,” by now. There’s no excuse for still living in a Mitt Romney/Candy Crowley gimp cellar of crippling principles and principled failure. If you presume to lead us, you need to understand that we are in a life-or-death struggle to preserve our lives and liberty against a Marxist offensive unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, and that we need to fight back and win or go down in defeat. We’ve lost patience with the softcons, the surrendercons, and the sissycons who demonstrate that they do not. Just ask Kristi Noem, who waffled and lost her shot forever. 

This is all coming to a head again with the DeSantis-Disney war and the fight in conservatism over tactics and strategy. Let’s be clear before we proceed – we absolutely have to have a real debate about the new aggression that the vast majority of us believe is absolutely necessary to win this cultural war and preserve our liberty. What the combative mode people like me propose has potential downsides and there is a risk of abuse. We are conservatives, not libs, and we can have a debate – thanks to Elon Musk, we can have it in public on Twitter. Everyone who says “Let’s think this through” is not necessarily a simpering Jeb!-like wuss begging people who laugh at him for some claps. We have some good faith critics, and we need not fear an argument. But then, there are also a bunch of losers who never met a liberal they didn’t yearn to surrender to. The entire Bulwark staff and the other cruise ship cons are all deep in the libs’ trick bag, shaking their (former) conservative credentials on MSNBCNN and hoping credulous normies will take them home for the night [Emphasis mine]. Read the rest at

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  • I just left a message for Jim Jordan (202-225-2676 “2”) regarding Jim’s stupid statement that when the Republicans take over in January of 2023 after this November’s elections that Kevin McCarthy, as Speaker of the House, will lead America back to sanity. Jim is wrong on both counts and I let him know it. Number one, if our RINO governors don’t eliminate voter fraud, the same vote stealing will occur in 2022, just like it did in 2020. Number two, Kevin McCarthy is a RINO like Mitch “Obama’s Bitch” McConnell. McCarthy will do next to nothing to stomp the lefties and make much-needed changes. I told Jordan that the ONLY two Republicans who could make a significant difference as speaker would be Trump or Jim Jordan. Possibly, Marjorie Taylor Greene would be good, but I don’t think she has been in congress long enough to build enough support to drive specific issues. Please call Jordan at the number above and let him know what you think.