Candace Owens Reacts to the “Oppression” of Black Celebrities

Candace Owens Reacts to the “Oppression” of Black Celebrities

Conservative podcaster, Fox News contributor, and best-selling author and former member of TurningPoint  USA, Candace Owens appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday and opined on the “oppression” of black celebrities such as the Obamas, Meghan Markle, and LeBron James.

Oh yeah, Candace Owens just happens to be Black. Who’d a thunk it? Here’s the complete transcript:


Tucker Carlson: Barack and Michelle Obama are still oppressed. Yeah even in Martha’s Vineyard. On CBS This Morning Michelle Obama explained that she’s just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Michelle Obama:  Many of us still live in fear as we go to the grocery store, or worry about our dogs, walking our dogs, or allowing our children to get a license. I mean, just imagine, you know, you have your girls driving. They’re driving, but every time they get in a car by themselves, I worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who doesn’t know everything about them. The fact that they are good students and polite girls, but maybe they’re playing their music a little loud, maybe somebody sees the back of their head and makes an assumption. I like so many parents of Black kids, have to, that the, the the innocent act of getting a license puts fear in our hearts.

Tucker Carlson:  She’s more oppressed even than Meghan Markle is. Will someone liberate the Obamas? We can’t elect them again. Time to liberate them. Candace Owens may do that. She’s the host of Candace. She joins us tonight. Candace, thanks so much for coming on so if  Michelle and Barack Obama are oppressed, if they live in fear, if this country’s so bad that even the Obama’s, elected president  twice can’t live here, what is, I mean is there a future, should we leave?

Candace Owens:   I don’t know Tucker I think we have to launch an investigation, because I want to know which nanny, which chef, which, which housekeeper, which chauffeur, which Secret Service agent, which gardener, which landscaper is oppressing Michelle Obama, Barack Obama and their children. I think we’ve got to get to the bottom at this point. I mean I looked, and it looks like her net worth is about forty, seventy million dollars. Gayle King’s is forty million dollars, Barack Obama and her combined is one hundred and thirty five million dollars.

Let me tell you something, if that’s oppression, where can I get me some? The fact is that people can look at the back of their heads. You mean the Secret Service agents that are constantly around your children? They (the Obamas) probably haven’t even touched their own door handles in years. And we’re supposed to believe that you’re oppressed while the rest of the country is actually suffering? Please Michelle Obama, give some of that oppression to the rest of America, because we sure could use it.

Tucker Carlson:  Haven’t touched their door handles in years? So I’m stealing that. Why, I notice a theme here: There are a lot of extremely rich people who are deeply miserable and desperate to have you believe they’re victims. What is that?

Candace Owens:  Yes LeBron James living in Bel Air, he’s a victim. Meghan Markle went downgraded from billionaire to multi-millionaire, she’s a victim. They want you to know that they’re all victims. It’s because they’re trying to distract us. The truth is that they view us as peasants. They’re trying to make it seem like hey, when the peasants turn against us, because they’re actually robbing all of them, we don’t want them to look at us. We want to make them think that we’re one of us.

They’re not one of us. They’re nothing like us, they don’t live like us. She has nothing that goes on in her life that is similar to the average American, yet she keeps trying to use her skin color and her complexion as a way to make people believe that she’s suffering, and she’s absolutely not suffering, and everyone should be aware that if you’re watching this and you think that LeBron James, and Meghan Markle, and Barack Obama, and Michelle Obama are oppressed you are a fool. You have been fooled. They are doing just fine, just fine.

Tucker Carlson:  I would say that’s true. Candace Owens, so nicely put as always. Thank you for coming on tonight. Great to see you. Thank you.

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  • My problem with Candace Owens is that it seems that every fifth word out of her mouth is black. She needs to lay off the black crap and start learning a new word…American. No, I DO NOT want to see her anywhere near the White House.