Biden’s Torpedoing of our Economy

On Sunday’s edition of his Fox News program, The Next Revolution, Steve Hilton came right out of the proverbial box explaining Biden’s intentional take down of our economy which began on Inauguration Day. Watch:

‘Just out of Interest, I went back and read Biden’s inaugural address again and I noticed something amazing. No not the endless disingenuous promises about Unity that he started breaking within minutes, but the fact that he barely even talks about the economy. It’s hardly mentioned, and now we know why:

Because Biden’s actual economic plan now coming into full horrific view, was this:  How quickly and how comprehensively can we take a strong growing economy and turn it into a weak shrinking stagnant one? And the answer is, pretty damn quickly and completely comprehensively.

You can imagine that first meeting of Biden’s Council of Economic Advisors: “So look guys. We’ve just had a massive Supply shock because of the pandemic, and we’ve got huge pent-up demand because people have been sent all these stimulus checks but couldn’t go out and spend them. I know, let’s pump up demand even further with more stimulus spending, and let’s make the supply shock even worse with a whole bunch of new regulations and threats of regulations so then we’ll have too much demand not enough supply and that makes inflation…’

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  • Win majorities in the House and the Senate this November. Then have Trump. as Speaker of the House, remove Beijing Joe and Kamala Ho and take back the presidency that was stolen from him in 2020. Problem solved.