Biden’s “Mask Madness”

Biden’s “Mask Madness”

Tucker Carlson reacts to the latest COVID hysteria last night on Fox News. Watch:

Welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. We’re watching the lunatics in charge of our country spiral even deeper by the day into madness and as we watch that, we feel a duty on this show to keep track of their decline. We do this to assemble a permanent historical record of the craziness if only for the amusement of future generations. And last night we thought we had reached an all-time high water mark.

“We told you that Willie Brown’s girlfriend has decided that she knows more about COVID than the physicians and nurses who treat COVID. That would be Kamala Harris, a person with no adult skills, a person who can’t figure out how to pronounce her own first name. That person is now issuing medical directives to medical doctors and demanding they obey. The media meanwhile, seem to think that’s perfectly normal, that’s how bonkers things have become. And yet it seems to be accelerating.

“Today the Secretary of Defense appeared in public wearing this costume. That’s Mr. Lloyd Austin ladies and gentlemen, the man in charge of our weapons systems. What’s he got on there? Is that a welder’s mask? Is it a dental visor? Has Lloyd Austin been cleaning teeth this morning? Nope, looks like Lloyd Austin is just terrified of COVID. Well then, why doesn’t he lose weight, quite a bit of weight? Actually that’s a good question that would be the rational response. So of course he has not even considered that. Lloyd Austin instead got the vaccine, but he is still so petrified of corona,

“that he put a windshield over his face, and demanded that all of his dutiful little minions do the same. An entire army of dental hygienists. Watch out China. Move against Taiwan and we’ll scrape the tartar off your molars…

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