America has Waited so Long for It’s First LGBTQ+ Press Secretary

America has Waited so Long for It’s First LGBTQ+ Press Secretary

On Tuesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker discusses the Move of White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki to MSNBC and her replacement, Karine Jean-Pierre with Washington Times Opinion Editor and Fox News contributor, Charlie Hurt. Watch:

Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. So if you’re the White House Press Secretary, and thank God you’re not, but if you were, you would have two tasks every day. You got to learn the President’s views on what’s happening in the world so you can repeat them, and then you’ve got to try to remember the names of those weird-looking people sitting in the folding chairs in the briefing room.

So it’s not an easy job, but it’s not a very rewarding one either. You’re not making policy, you’re not making decisions, you’re repeating the party line. Under normal circumstances, it takes a lot more creativity to say sell lipstick for L’Oreal, than it does to be White House Press Secretary. They’re all worn out by the end, except under Joe Biden. It’s a totally different job under Joe Biden, the rules have changed.

If you’re Joe Biden’s press secretary, you’ve got to be able to think on the fly, because your boss can’t. So every time Biden goes outside, you’re going to be called upon to translate what he said or explain what he really meant, assuming for the sake of argument, that he really meant anything at all. “I know you’re frustrated.” Biden said today for example, “I can taste it.” What does frustration taste like? An earthy slightly anxious blend of bacon notes mango and raspberry with an undertone of saddle leather?

Maybe Joe Biden didn’t say the White House Press Secretary would know that’s her job, or to name another example: Which United States senators represent the state of Florida, and which represent the state of Wisconsin, which is not near Florida. Well the press secretary would have to know that too in case Biden screws it up, as of course he just did today, etc. So it’s not an easy gig. And it’s a particularly tough job when the topics are serious like nuclear war.

A few weeks ago Joe Biden pledged to overthrow the government of Russia which is fully capable of waging a nuclear war, possessing as it does at least six thousand nuclear warheads. That’s not a small thing, starting a global conflagration and ending human life on the planet. So it fell to the Press Secretary to clean it up: “We are not advocating for killing the leader of a foreign country or regime change:” Jen Psaki explained, despite the fact that Joe Biden had just advocated for regime change in Russia, so it’s a lot of power. How did somebody like Jen Psaki, someone so demonstrably talentless, a humorless Gender Studies major from Greenwich, how did this person get this much authority in our government?

Good question. Nowadays just comes with the job of Press Secretary. Just hours ago, Psaki explained that Federal law no longer applies to mobs of Biden voters. They get to intimidate all the Supreme Court justices they want, as long as they’re on the right side of abortion. And we’re quoting now. “We certainly continue to encourage protests outside Judge’s homes,” she said,” and in so saying, reversed hundreds of years of policy and tradition, and took yet another blow against civilization and decency.

She could do that because she’s the Press Secretary. She’s Jen Psaki, or was. Next week she’s headed to MSNBC for a new life as a cable news contributor. Wish her luck of course. Good luck Jen Psaki. But in the meantime, you’ve got to wonder who’s going to replace her. Who could replace her? Is anyone qualified? Is there another person in this country as shallow, nasty, and partisan as Jen Psaki?

Well there is. Her name is Karine Jean-Pierre. Listen to Jen Psaki, Jen Psaki, describe Karine Jean-Pierre: “First as you all know, she will be the first Black woman, the first out LGBTQ+ person to serve in this role. The first Black woman and out gay person to speak for the President, becoming the first Black woman and LBGTQ person, the first black woman, first openly gay person, the first Black woman, the first openly gay person, the first Black person, first openly gay person, becoming the first Black person and first openly LBGTQ+ person to serve as White House Press Secretary.”

Well you heard it from Jen Psaki. She’s going to be the first quote LGBTQ+ person to be White House Press Secretary and thank God. But before you light a candle and begin tonight’s celebrations, a quick question: What does LGBTQ+ mean? Hey. Jen Psaki, let us know if you have a minute. Explain every letter in that acronym and specifically what it signifies. We’ll wait, don’t hold your breath, she’s not going to do it, because like everybody else uses that phrase, Jen Psaki literally has no idea, no clue at all, what it means.

It’s one of those terms you’re not supposed to define. One day you just start using it. LGBTQ+, and anyone who asks what it means is immediately presumed to be in the out group. So it’s not actually a word. Words are meant to signify meaning, and communicate it to other people. No it’s not that at all. It’s a litmus test and you could fail. “Oh you don’t know what LGBTQ+ means? Keep an eye on that person. Hates gays. But whatever. Don’t ask questions. Kareem Jean-Pierre is our first out LGBTQ+ White House Press Secretary, and that’s all you need to know. It’s a good thing. Shut up and celebrate that’s why she got the job.

She’s in the right group and to the Biden administration, which thinks exclusively in terms of groups and never in terms of individuals, because individuals are messy and inconvenient, the group is all that matters. This is exactly how they pick Supreme Court Justices, or Vice Presidents, or members of the Federal Reserve Board. And now the all-important Press Secretary gig has gone to someone on the basis of group. It’s really simple: Show us your picture and we’ll tell you if you’re qualified for the job,

And in many ways Corrine Jean-Pierre is perfect for the job. Not only is she a member of the out LGBTQ+ community, she’s also critically the product of a private school and an Ivy League college, and yet still oppressed somehow. She’s furious at America despite her ample privilege, and enraged by its racist systems of oppression, and she’s happy to tell you about it. Here she is:

“When he got elected, I think people thought we were in a post-racial, uh America and we were not. I think what we learned is that racism was very much real, and still very much around and I, and the obstruction that he saw, the um, uh, this the horrible racist rhetoric of having a black family in the White House was very clear that you felt the hate, and you saw the hate. I just think that America has a really big problem with race, and it’s very real.” 

Yeah, they keep electing Obama and promoting me despite the fact I have no qualifications for the job. Lesson: It’s a racist country. Now there’s a word for this, kind of a clever term. It’s called cry bullying. Right. Stop hitting me, they say, as they punch you in the face. Why do they do they do it? Because it works. You whine about racism, and you get into the best schools, you get promoted and eventually run the Federal Government. And your presence atop the food chain is nothing if not evidence that the country is still racist. It has to be or you can’t justify your job. Kind of an amazing scam people like Karine Jean-Pierre have going. She’s perfected, she used to work for MSNBC. She knows the script cold. Here she is in 2020 yelling some more about racism. Now if you imagine that COVID came from a lab in Wuhan, which by the way is true then according to Karine Jean-Pierre, you’re not a person trying to get to the truth. No, can you guess what you are? You’re a racist.

Video clip of Jean-Pierre and Joy Reed: ”The easy pivot is race, it’s, it’s ethnicity. Yeah you say, it’s a foreign virus. I’ve noticed people tweeting Chinese coronavirus, that’s what Tucker Carlson said, Right, yeah when you look at Fox News, Fox News was racist before coronavirus, they are racist during the coronavirus, Fox News will be racist after the coronavirus. So there is nothing new here.”

So criticizing the Chinese government, the most powerful organization in the world is racist. Of course criticizing the powerful is always racist. America itself is racist, talking about COVID is racist. What isn’t racist? Well, we checked Karine Jean-Pierre’s Twitter feed to find out what isn’t racist, couldn’t find much. We did find a very long list of things that are.

Here is a non-exhaustive sample that we compiled of racist people and things according to Joe Biden’s new Press Secretary: John Cornyn is racist. Joe Arpaio is racist, border walls needless to say are racist, Roseanne Barr for some reason is racist, the name Pocahontas is racist despite the fact it was an actual American Indian real name. Whatever, it’s racist. Mike Huckabee may seem nice, but he’s racist. Federal government shutdowns don’t seem like they have anything to do with race, oh they’re racist too. Donald Trump racist. That’s a no-brainer, you knew that. Jeff Sessions, also racist. BREXIT, again not connected to race doesn’t mean it’s not racist. It is according to Karine Jean-Pierre. Ed Gillespie, former Senate candidate in Virginia, racist. Thank God he didn’t win. Ron DeSantis did win in Florida and that’s bad news because guess what? He is racist. Steve Bannon, racist. Sebastian Gorka, racist. Do you know who’s most racist of all, Republicans who criticize Ralph Northam for wearing blackface and a Klan outfit. You’re racist just if you notice racism as long as the racist is a Democrat.

So awesome, give that girl a big job. Now you may be rolling your eyes because you’ve heard all of this a million times before. Ice cream and Shakespeare are racist, but think about it for a second: this is the person the Biden administration hired to tell the rest of us what Joe Biden really means when he says for example, he’s going to kill Vladimir Putin. How long until this person calls Putin a racist? She probably already has. How’s that going to turn out in the middle of a war we might not have to wait long to find out.

Here’s yet another incredibly racist thing according to America’s new Press Secretary. Of course it is voter identification laws. Now you will find voter ID laws in every country on the planet including in Africa, but that doesn’t make them any less racist.

Video clip of Karine Jean-Pierre: “And in order to get these voter suppression laws besides gutting the Voting Rights, uh Voting Rights Act, you also got to get your people in there to put these awful laws in place. I’m so glad that the Georgia issue is being talked about almost every day. Now it’s getting national attention and it needs to, because what’s happening is pure racism.”

What’s pure racism? Now you honestly didn’t think we started the show saying “Could you find someone more graded, dumber, more aggressive than Jen Psaki, who’s headed off to MSNBC next week, and the answer is oh yeah the Biden administration can find someone even worse, that’s their job. And just to restate, voter ID laws are racist according to Karine Jean-Pierre and if you have them, you don’t have a fair election. And we’re quoting. Reminder, she wrote Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians. And Stacy Abrams, she wrote that in April of 2020. She said something similar four years before in 2016. We’re quoting again: Stolen emails, stolen drone, stolen drone, stolen election. Welcome to the world of unprecedented Trump before even pronouncing that correctly.

But take three steps back. She used the term stolen election. She questioned voting integrity. She engaged in a baseless conspiracy theory. Yes friend, she did, and you know what that is? We know because we read The Atlantic magazine. What you just heard is a brazen attack on our democracy. It is a disqualifying assault on our norms, our sacred norms. It looks ladies and gentlemen, like Karine Jean-Pierre is an insurrectionist, a Q enthusiast likely funded by Vladimir Putin. Better call the DOJ and get her an ankle monitor. Just kidding. We take it back. We didn’t mean to question Karine Jean-Pierre, because that’s the most racist thing of all.

Charlie Hurt is not a racist he is, however, the Opinion Editor at the Washington Times. He joins us tonight to assess America’s new press secretary. Charlie Hurt, it is so great to see you. So I feel like we’re in for a huge helping of more of the same.

Charlie Hurt: I think that’s probably a really safe bet. This woman is the purest, lowest distillation of everything that the Biden administration stands for. They are absolutely beside themselves. I mean watching the handoff between Jen Psaki and uh, and Karine, uh, and her gushing over the fact that she’s the first Black Press Secretary, and the first out uh, Press Secretary. Um the problem is that you know, as thrilled as they are about that, we’ve seen her out at the podium a number of times, she’s not that good. She’s pretty bad at it in fact, but this is the thing that really sort of gets me about her, is that her father was a taxi driver. Have you ever met a taxi driver that you didn’t think was interesting?

This woman is not a product of her father who was probably a very interesting guy. She’s a product of American education today. Yes, and this is the kind of drivel that you wind up with. You think you turn everything into race, you accuse everybody of being a racist, and you peddle conspiracy theories.

That is such a smart and deep point. I lived in Washington for 30 years. I never met a single immigrant cab driver who was a lifestyle liberal, not one, and I’ve never met anyone who went to Columbia in the last 20 years who wasn’t. So it was the school, I agree right, and of course they were also trying to make money, which of course is the most unracist thing there is. This is the thing that brings us all together, but if you look at the world entirely through the lens of race, which is what the Biden administration does, uh you tear all of that down, just like you tear down all of the relationships among Americans, which is why it is such a toxic poison.

It’s so interesting, so they introduced her by referring to what she looks like, and who she sleeps with, but they didn’t say or emphasize the fact that she’s the daughter of a cab driver, which actually I think is a really cool story. Why yeah, and yeah exactly, and her mother was a home health aide. Have you ever met a nurse that you didn’t fall in love with? They’re beautiful people. They bring people together. Such a good point Charlie Hurt, very smart. Thank you.

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  • Now that we have a black, female LGBTQFRZLYPPNXCVNM+-/** person as our nation’s press secretary I can sleep better tonight. Just in the nick of time before I, too. might be called a, can you guess it, yes……..racist.