Activist Heckles Cop Over Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting

Activist Heckles Cop Over Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting

On this clip from Monday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker talks about the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting incident and how a Washington, DC police officer was relieved from duty for the crime of briefly speaking his mind. Note that this video was pulled from YouTube for: Violating YouTube’s community guidelines.

Tucker: Well Ma’Khia Bryant was killed. Unfortunately sad she was a child, but as she was killed she was trying to stab another person. That’s why the police officer in Columbus shot her last week. None of that’s in dispute, there’s video of it. If there was ever a justified though sad, but still justified shooting, this was it. And yet in their ongoing effort to divide the country along lines of race, our political class and our media pretended it was murder. Three days ago a BLM activist heckled a  cop in Washington, DC over the shooting. Here’s how he responded:

Activist:  Are you going to kill me like Ma’Khia Bryant?

Cop:  Are you going to stab somebody like her?

Tucker: So he’s right I’m not going to shoot you as long as you don’t try and stab somebody that’s why cops exist to prevent people from stabbing each other but the cop who said that we have learned from an authoritative source has now been pulled off duty pending a review. He’s lost, in effect, his job for saying that. Tucker then brings Conservative activist, Candace Owens to discuss this incident.

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  • Candace nailed it. The DemocRATS want absolute control over the American people. They are tyrants. YOU can continue to be an ignorant lackey and wear your mask. I don’t and I won’t.