Ben Ferguson Exposes White House Energy Crisis – It’s NOT Putin

Ben Ferguson Exposes White House Energy Crisis – It’s NOT Putin

Talk show host Ben Ferguson filled in for Mark on Thursday and he came right out of the box exposing the Biden Administration’s lies about the energy crisis. Listen:

“Welcome, it is the Mark Levin Show, Ben Ferguson filling in for The Great One tonight, and I want you to remember the line that I’m about to say, and I want you to remember it every single time you see this White House laugh in your face, laugh at your misery, laugh at the crumbling of our, of our economy. I want you to understand that this Democratic Party under Joe Biden believe in one thing.

“Their god is green, their god is green and alternative energy. Their pagan is an electric car. That is what it is that they believe in. That is their god, and if you don’t believe in it, their ideology is punishment. A punishment for you, because you do not believe in what they believe in.

“Gas prices are soaring, and they want you to believe it’s because of Russia. We know that’s a lie. We know that this White House is filled with pathological liars who keep saying things that are just untrue. A couple months ago they said high gas prices were actually related to COVID. They even said it just two weeks before Russia happened in Ukraine, but then they found their new boogeyman, and that guy is

Vladimir Putin and their ideology is punishment for those who do not submit. “I want to remind you of Biden’s energy secretary back in May laughing at the pain at the pump then, and that was nothing compared to now. Laughing at you when she was asked a question at the White House about rising gas prices was back in May…”

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  • C’mon, Ben, one illegitimate a**hole wants to buy oil from the other illegitimate a**hole. And Biden’s energy secretary laughs at the American people paying over double what we paid under Trump.