Life, Liberty & Levin: Opening Monologue

Life, Liberty & Levin: Opening Monologue

Mark Levin had a very powerful opening monologue before he began his interview with President Donald Trump. Watch it here:

“We have got to reject the media narrative in this country. If you listen to the media in this country, you’re going to get all screwed up. You’re not going to get the facts. You’re not going to get any history even, even recent history. It is a propaganda operation and we should all know this by now. There are a handful of real journalists in this country, a handful of news platforms in this country and that’s it.

One of the things they want to do is ensure that Donald Trump, if he chooses to run for president again in the Republican primary and so forth, that you will oppose him. It’s the same media that tried to turn the 2016 election into a fraudulent election. Talk about them talking about fraudulent elections. I want to remind you that all Donald Trump wanted to do is to improve his country, unlike Barack Obama, he loved this country and he loved the citizens of this country. He didn’t view them as racist; he didn’t want to fundamentally transform America.

He wanted to make America great again after Barack Obama and his ilk on the hard left. They tried to impeach him twice. These will go down in history as two of the most outrageous acts by a Democrat Congress. They used Russia collusion against him which was clear to us, but is now clear to everybody which was a criminal enterprise launched by Hillary Clinton…”

Watch the entire edition of Sunday’s Life, Liberty & Levin including the complete interview with President Donald Trump.

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  • I believe Mark Levin was involved with About nine months ago the Scorecard tab (how our federal reps and senators voted) disappeared from CR. I’ve contacted CR twice about this but I have not gotten a response. I’ll try to contact Mark Levin next.