The D.C. Media Never Met a Republican Investigation That Should Start or a Democrat Investigation That Should End

The D.C. Media Never Met a Republican Investigation That Should Start or a Democrat Investigation That Should End

On his new Fox News program, Sunday Night in America, former South Carolina congressman, Trey Gowdy discusses the double standard between Democrats and Republicans in holding congressional hearings. Watch:

“I like fairness; it’s why I like golf more than professional wrestling. And the courtroom more than Congress. Fairness is, often requires a referee. We don’t have to like the referee, but we should be able to respect the referee. The most recent example of duplicity and unfairness, is the manner in which congressional investigations are handled by the political parties, and the media, the D.C. media never met a Republican investigation that should start or a Democrat investigation that should end.

“With Fast and Furious, the Democrats and the media never took an interest. You would think two groups constantly talking about gun control would be interested in the U.S. aiding and abetting the flow of guns to Mexican drug cartels. With Lois Lerner and the IRS, most Democrats and the media didn’t care about that. Benghazi, more Democrats voted to investigate what happened in Benghazi Libya  than Republicans voted to investigate the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Did you know that Democrats voted to form a select committee to investigate the deaths of four Americans in Libya than Republicans voted for the January 6th select committee? Of course you didn’t know that, because the media wants you to believe one inquiry was a witch hunt, while the other is bipartisan and serious.

“And I’m not trying to change your mind on any of those investigations. You’re free to think they were worth pursuing or not pursuing. I do happen to think what happened on January the 6th is those investigations I would hope we could all agree the same standard the same rules, the same process should apply to all congressional investigations regardless of who is in power. The rule should not change depending on which team is up to bat. And the strike zone should not change depending on which political party is conducting the investigation.

“Kevin McCarthy picked five Republicans to populate the January 6th Committee. He’s the highest ranking Republican in Congress and therefore he picks the Republican members, but Nancy Pelosi rejected two of his picks. She refused to allow them to participate. She summarily deemed them unqualified and we’re not sure why she rejected Leader McCarthy’s picks, because the D.C. media is too afraid of her to ask, too afraid to risk losing an interview, too afraid to risk losing sources, too afraid to not be on the receiving end of a leak. The D.C. media tells us they speak truth to power, they tell us democracy dies in darkness, they tell us they publish all the news that’s fit to print, and a host of other meaningless, self-congratulatory platitudes, but they can’t question Pelosi on her own duplicity

“When it comes to congressional investigations, she put Adam Schiff on the Benghazi committee, even though his mind was fully made up and he did everything he could to protect the Democrat nominee for President. That was his job, not to interview survivors, not to access information, not to ascertain why the military didn’t respond in a timely manner, but to protect Hillary Clinton. Pelosi picked him despite his bias.

“She also picked Schiff to investigate Donald Trump over Russia Collusion allegations, even though Schiff misstated evidence, prejudged the outcome, and claimed to have evidence he never produced. She picked Schiff to lead the prosecution and a failed impeachment trial, even though Schiff misstated facts, misrepresented a meeting with a whistleblower, and manufactured evidence during a committee hearing. Pelosi picked him anyway. Pelosi picked Eric Swalwell to investigate Trump, even though Swalwell was running for President against Trump, she picked Swalwell for the Intelligence Committee despite his close relationship with a Chinese spy…”

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  • The lefties are already cranking up another Covid hoax to rig the 2022 elections. And with the exception of a few, the Republicrat Party members do nothing. I call or email these guys weekly trying to get them to support America and not knuckle under. Maybe if they received a few thousand more calls and emails every week, they would take notice and take action.