Judge Jeanine: Joe Biden is a Trojan Horse

Judge Jeanine: Joe Biden is a Trojan Horse

Judge Jeanine had another powerful opening monologue on her Fox News Program last night. She begins:

Joe Biden does not have the mental capacity to lead the greatest nation on earth and it is time both parties are honest about what everyone sees and cringes at. This is not partisan, it’s not political. It’s about America under the tutelage of a man clearly not up to the job. He came to us a Trojan Horse, promising to be a moderate, affable, and conciliatory president. One who could reach across the aisle and unify the nation.

Instead, the so-called moderate began by immediately canceling the XL Keystone pipeline, destroying American jobs and America’s energy independence, along with it earning him accolades from far left Progressives like AOC and Bernie Sanders. But Joe is more than a Trojan Horse, he is a puppet.

The question of course is who is pulling the strings, who in the White House is calling the shots, who in truth is running our country?

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  • Would we prefer Heels-up Harris? Get rid of beijingbiden and that’s what we’ll get. I’ll take my chances with the plagiarizer. #whereshunter