Why Isn’t Ron DeSantis Giving a Showcase Speech at CPAC?

Why Isn’t Ron DeSantis Giving a Showcase Speech at CPAC?

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

by Allahpundit

I’m trying to anticipate the official excuses that will be made to explain this strange yet obvious snub. The best will be when we’re told “He had a scheduling conflict.” For … four days? During the biggest conservative activist event in the U.S.?

In a year when he’s running for reelection?

When I checked the CPAC agenda yesterday, DeSantis’s only appearance was a conversation with host Matt Schlapp during the 1 p.m. hour on Thursday, the first day of the conference. That’s now been changed to “A Speech by Governor Ron DeSantis” but it’s still in the same garbage time slot, a moment when not all attendees will have arrived yet. And he’s only blocked off for 20 minutes.

This guy is polling second among Republicans for the 2024 presidential nomination, would be the presumptive nominee if Trump opts not to run, and is certainly the biggest political rock star to emerge on the right since Trump himself. And CPAC is being held in … Florida, his home state. He doesn’t even need to travel to be there. If ever there was a moment to showcase a rising party star, it’s the home-state governor being cheered by an audience that’s sure to adore him.

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