WATCH: Police Run Over Freedom Convoy Protesters With Horses, Face Lawsuit

WATCH: Police Run Over Freedom Convoy Protesters With Horses, Face Lawsuit

Police horses run over Freedom Convoy protesters in Ottawa. Credit: Chief Nerd/Telegram via Vigilant Fox/Twitter

by Nick Arama

Police began their action against the Freedom Convoy protesters in Ottawa Friday morning. There are a lot of protesters and while the police have gained control of some streets and arrested some of the people, there are still many other protesters.

At least 100 people have been arrested, mostly for “mischief” charges — a charge that seems to be a catch-all for dissenting from the government — and about 24 vehicles towed. But based upon the number of folks who have come out, there are a lot of people left and now, more people are coming out. They may have just made more protesters after this police action.

But Deputy Chief Steve Bell claimed that no protesters were hurt.

That’s a lie, because as we noted in our last story, protesters were kicked and beaten, at least one person was even hit by the police with the butt of a gun. We have the video, and it would be hard for the police to argue that “no one was hurt,” if you look at that video. Plus, it was wrong and excessive.

On top of that, when they made a big move on the protesters — they used horses, followed by dozens of cops — they hurt more people. While horses have sometimes been used in crowd control, I don’t think I’ve ever seen police running horses right into the crowd of people, right at them, at that speed. You can see as they do so, they knock people to the ground, including what appeared to be an older woman with a walker/scooter and a man. People started screaming that the woman had been trampled.

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