Unfiltered: Governor DeSantis Excoriates President Biden

Unfiltered: Governor DeSantis Excoriates President Biden

On Saturday’s edition of Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, Florida governor Ron DeSantis talks about inflation, the pandemic and President Biden’s mishandling of immigration. Watch:

Bongino:  This uh, inflation crisis Governor, um is very real. It is a tax on our citizens and in a state like Florida where I live um, there are a lot of people who are seniors here. You know they’re on fixed incomes this is a really devastating tax, you know. What can be done about it?

Governor DeSantis:  Well I think Biden’s got to reverse his policies. I mean you have inflation. They tried to deny it six months ago. Uh, they said there’s no, no serious person thinks we’re gonna have a sustained inflation. Now everybody understands that that’s the case, and yet what did they do?

They just signed a bill to print another 1.1 trillion dollars. And so their policies are not addressing the problems that are happening and indeed they’re exacerbating them. If you look at things like gas prices, Biden came in and he basically reversed the Trump era policies which made us energy independent for the first time in my lifetime. So he needs to reverse course. I am not betting that he will do that, and so I think unfortunately, the result is people are going to be paying more at the pump under Biden for the foreseeable future, and I do think you’re going to see a sustained inflation.

Now you see these problems with the supply chain, all these ships sitting off these coasts. We said in Florida, we’ve invested in our ports. We always run 24 7. That’s not anything new for us. We have capacity and we will accept ships. Jacksonville just accepted a ship that was idled off Savannah. We’re working. Our ports are working with other companies to do it. So we’re going to do our part in the State of Florida to try to alleviate this, but I think ultimately you would need Biden to reverse course, and he’s not shown the capacity to do that….”