The Big News Out of CPAC 2022 Is That Trump Is Back
Source: AP Photo/John Raoux

by Kurt Schlicthler

I’m not going to bury the lede the way the mainstream media is trying to bury the COVID, inflation, and dementia disasters: Donald Trump is running again. He gave every indication of it in public and at private events, and the word from the people within his orbit is unanimous – he’s already planning his next administration. Like it or not – there are plenty of folks unthrilled about him going Grover – you better get used to it. 

Trump is back. He looked great – slim, smiling, a total 180 from the talking husk we’re stuck with until January 20, 2025. And he’s funny. A hilarious highlight was when 45 pointed out Dr. Seb Gorka at a private event and called him a “handsome and elegant man.” I’d enjoy having Trump back because he’s so damn amusing, if for no other reason.

Before we get to the politics, CPAC 2022 in Orlando (a popular site except for Beltway types) was packed and people were pumped. Matt Schlapp, who was literally everywhere all the time, put on a proper show. I counted only one screaming lunatic. BTW, CPAC is going international – coming soon are CPAC Hungary, Japan, Mexico and Australia (where they really need it). Townhall’s own Larry O’Connor emceed the annual Reagan dinner and there was a tiny controversy over having Tulsi Gabbard speak, but we should encourage those few Democrats who do not hate us. There was also a minor controversy about how O’Connor was actually funny, which is not truly conservative in the eyes of some who apparently never met Andrew Breitbart (O’Connor also hosted a moving panel on the 10th anniversary of Andrew’s passing). Regardless, if O’Connor had used the really hardcore Kamala and Lincoln Project jokes I wrote for him, the critics really would have had something to whine about. Read the rest at