“Pelosi’s Dog and Phony Show”

“Pelosi’s Dog and Phony Show”

Hey, America…the January 6 Committee Hearings are kicking off so you may want to remove the earwax and give it a listen. We already know what they will say—we heard it before during the impeachment proceedings.

The Democrats and the Republican RINOS hate Trump. Even though he’s no longer president, they’re still attacking him. The purpose of Pelosi’s hearings is to vilify and criminalize Trump so he can’t run for president again. The Democrat Swamp known has Congress can’t have anyone in the White House who stands counter to their corrupt activities.

Pelosi is not on the committee, but she selected its members and they are all predictably anti-Trump. The bug-eyed Schiff is on the committee and he once again claimed that he has smoking gun evidence of Trump’s crimes. He said the same thing during the Russia collusion witch hunt. Schiff lied—he had no evidence. Liz Cheney hates Trump with a passion and will lead the few Republicans on the committee who are also anti-Trump RINOS.

So if you watch the proceedings, bear in mind it’s all Kabuki Theater. A tempest in a teapot. A kangaroo court. Read the rest at grrrgraphics.com.

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