Mark Levin: We’ve Lost a Big Chunk of our Liberty

Mark Levin: We’ve Lost a Big Chunk of our Liberty

On Saturday’s edition of Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, Dan’s guest Constitutional scholar and Radio and TV talk show host discusses our recent loss of liberty under the ‘rule’ of Democrats. Below is the complete transcript of the segment:

Bongino: Joining us to discuss this is the host of Life, Liberty and Levin, one of my favorite shows on the network. They don’t call him the Great One for nothing, Mark Levin. Mark, what an honor to have you on the show for the first time. Thanks for spending some time with us, we appreciate it.

Levin: The honor is all mine brother; we love you here.

Bongino: Well, thank you, you are my mentor in this business. You’ve been an advocate for freedom and liberty. Mark, it never stops. You know this consent of the governed arrangement, this handshake with the government and their responsibility to govern responsibly, Mark it is falling apart. Your thoughts on that:

Levin: You know Dan, we Americans who love this country, our system of government, due process, limits on the Federal Government. We have to come to grips with the fact that we’ve lost a big chunk of our government. We’ve lost a big chunk of our liberty. Uh they’re collecting all kinds of data on all of us. You remember this massive bill they wanted to pass so they can track six hundred dollars in and out of our accounts? Well imagine what they would have done with that. Look at Trudeau in Canada. They want to be able to get into our accounts, watch what we do, monitor our protests and on and on and on. And it’s gotten worse since this pandemic.

I think we have to accept the fact, and I’m going to put it bluntly, not to be provocative, that the Democratic Party does not love this country. They’re not a force for liberty, they’re not a force for law and order, we saw this through the riots and so forth. They, they not only embrace, they create these, these disparate Marxist organizations and efforts, uh they want to change our economic system, the border is wide open. You talk about spying. I look, I just was writing some little chicken notes here.

They manufactured lies in this dossier, they fed this stuff to the FBI and the CIA and other intelligence agencies, they lied to the FISA court, they’re monitoring servers in the White House which they then take the information, cherry pick and then twist it and put more lies out to the media. our media has become in effect the American Pravda. Our media is not interested in truth, or facts, or objectivity, or impartiality. They’re not interested in keeping an eye on Democrat administrations at all. They are mouthpieces. They celebrate these lies and they award themselves Pulitzer Prizes for them.

The Democrat party, Hillary Clinton, the Hillary Clinton campaign, you look at the White House. We now know, thanks to uh, John Ratcliffe, that Obama and Biden were briefed on a significant amount of what had been taking place. Meanwhile they don’t go in front of a grand jury. Hillary Clinton doesn’t go in front of a grand jury; just regular Americans go in front of grand juries. You have media collusion and collaboration. This is a disaster, and if you don’t have a free press in a country, an honest press in a country, you’re going to lose your country.

And we have a Democrat party in this country that has lost its way, and I could only wish Dan, that we had a Republican leadership particularly in the Senate, that had the intelligence, the courage, the capacity to stand up to this. Instead, they’re attacking Donald Trump in the form of Mitch McConnell. Instead, they’re going around the country primarying Conservatives in Republican primaries so they can elect more RINOs. Instead, when Mitch McConnell’s asked if the Republicans take a majority in the Senate, what are you going to do? And what does he say? “Well, we’re going to try and meet the Democrats halfway on some centrist bipartisan policies.”

They want to crush us, they’re destroying our country, and McConnell wants to meet them halfway. Do you think Lincoln said that? Do you think do you think FDR said that about the Republicans? How about we advance the cause of liberty every now and then?

Bongino: Yeah, Mark listen. I don’t think it’s provocative at all. I think you’re absolutely right. If there was a tyranny checklist uh, the Democrats are at step eleven of a twelve step process. I mean look at  all the rights our God-given rights that have been attacked: The right to assemble, the right to practice your religion, the right to speak freely through their, their symbiotic relationship with big tech. I don’t think that’s a provocative statement at all. I think it’s, you’re a lawyer and a talented one I think that’s easily defensible um, in in court.

You know just one final thought, Mark. Do you feel a certain sense of vindication being that it was you, you, years ago, who said that they were spying on Donald Trump using FISA tools and these clowns in the media came after you as a conspiracy theorist, and now it looks like you’ve been vindicated, not only there, but on multiple fronts as this was a multifaceted. It appears to be spying operation, at least according to the latest allegations?

Levin: Well, you’re very kind. I, I would say this Dan, Um what is so horrific about what took place five years ago almost to the day Here, is when I went on my radio show, all i did is put together their stories from the New York Yimes, the Washington Post, McClatchy Head Street and all the rest. I lined them all up. I said: “What the hell is going on here?” AS an old Justice guy, I could see FISA, somebody’s leaking out of the FBI. I mean I just knew it because I used to live and work over there. And I put it together, and I talked about it. I gave them exhibit numbers, and I went at it boom boom boom boom.

They didn’t counter any of that. Instead I get low lives like uh, like Brian Stelter, saying can you prove that they went to the FISA Court? Prove? Do I have a Grand Jury? Subpoena power? You guys wrote about it. They attack Donald Trump because he uses the word, wiretap. The word, wiretap was in the headline of the New York Times story, and in the body of the story, which they broomed after they attacked Donald Trump for using it.

Here’s the thing real fast: We are usually right about most of this stuff, when it comes to the vaccine, when it comes to mandates, when it comes to Masks, because you and I and others, we look at the facts, we look at the statistics. We really look to try and be right. These people are ideologues. We are principled Constitutional Conservatives. That’s the difference; they’re ideologues, we are not.

Bongino: Mark Levin, the Great One. Oh thank you so much for spending the time. It really is an honor. I’ve learned so much from you through the years, and now to be talking to you on this network, uh it’s really an honor. Folks don’t miss the show Life, Liberty and Levin, one of the best shows on this network. Thanks for your time Mark.

Levin: Dan the honor is all mine and God bless you my friend for your patriotism.

Bongino: Thank you sir we appreciate it