Mark Levin: The Constitution is under attack

Mark Levin: The Constitution is under attack

Author, Constitutional scholar, and conservative talk show host, began this Sunday night’s Fox News program with this opening monologue:

This is Life Liberty and Levin. You’re living through a tumultuous period ladies and gentlemen, where the Constitution is under attack, where we have a President of the United States who’s violating separation of powers, where we have a Congress with the thinnest of majorities, and no majority in the Senate. The Constitution gives the Vice President as President of the Senate, the right to break tie votes, to ram through the most aggressive radical agenda in American history. And all across the board, and they’re moving at lightning speed because they don’t want you to know about it. We’re not having hearings in Congress of any sort so you can find out what’s taking place and the process has slowed down. So your representatives are standing there like statues with nothing to do. President of the United States is signing executive orders one after another that would make any dictator around the world very, very jealous, and these are very serious events that are taking place.

Now you can see on the screen some of the executive orders and some of the executive actions that Biden has been taking, and I’ll get back to them in a moment, but first I want to talk about this, this book  by Edward Bernays. It’s called Propaganda. This book was the original book on the subject of propaganda. All kinds of people read this book. Franklin Roosevelt read this book. Bernays advised Woodrow Wilson who put together one of the biggest propaganda ever by a president in American history and many have followed since.

You know who else read this book? Adolf Hitler and Goebbels. All kinds of people because this book talks about how to control the masses, how to communicate to the masses, how the minority could control the majority, um and it is all about psychology. It’s all about graphics and images, it’s all about story lines, and this is exactly what we’re getting today from the Biden administration if you can even keep up with what they’re doing

This is not the way a republic is supposed to conduct itself. You’re supposed to slow down things, supposed to be deliberative. They’re supposed to be various branches and individuals within the branches of the government, who have an opportunity to look at things that are taking place, not a mad rush a bums rush to institute as much radical tyrannical agenda as possible…