Mark Levin and Parents Nationwide on the Marxism of CRT

Mark Levin and Parents Nationwide on the Marxism of CRT

There’s a lot going on right now. The Biden Administration has been throwing one thing after another at us: Trying to end the filibuster, trying to Federalize elections, and trying to indoctrinate us through pushing Critical Race Theory (Marxism) in government, the military and in our schools.

Well people are waking up and rising up. All over our nation parents and other patriots are attending school board meetings and standing up to the indoctrination and racism of Critical Race Theory and the tyranny that is being demonstrated by school board members and other government officials. After all, they work for us. The four paragraphs below and the first video are from last night’s Mark Levin Show radio program:

So far have we fallen from the days of enlightenment, and individual liberty, and representative government. What do we have today? What is this government ? Is it a federal republic? No. Is it a representative republic with this massive bureaucracy spitting out more laws than Congress can even think of? No. Is it a constitutional republic which has been undermined and shredded in so many ways it’s hard to describe? No. Then what is it? What is it?

It’s a system transitioning quickly, faster every day, towards tyranny, and the political entity that is leading this fight is the Democrat party, the Democrat party.  My suggestion is rather than eliminating the filibuster, which has an absolute useful purpose, is to eliminate the Democrat party. It’s the Democrat party that fought for slavery. Let them pay reparations. It’s the Democrat party that has abused the filibuster in the name of slavery and segregation in Jim Crow.

So let’s eliminate the Democrat party, and yet the Democrat party stands, the Democrat party stands despite its support of slavery and racism and segregation in Jim Crow. And yet it’s the one symbol, the one institution of the Confederacy, of slavery that’s never discussed, never discussed. One man one vote they say. They don’t believe in one man one vote, they believe in dead men voting, and illegal aliens voting, and on and on and on. They’ve given up on the notion of one man one vote. They believe: Do whatever the hell you have to do to win, stuff the ballot box, one man, a thousand votes if necessary. That’s right, Chuck Schumer on the floor of the Senate today, one of the great demagogues and lowlifes of American politics, and just look how they racialize everything, just look how they want the Black community upset all the time about everything because the Democrat party relies on racism of one form or another. It has used African-Americans, it’s used Black Americans. Its entire existence at war with them on one occasion now abusing them in other ways on another occasion…