Judge Jeanine – Why is Biden Giving Legitimacy to a Terrorist Organization

Judge Jeanine – Why is Biden Giving Legitimacy to a Terrorist Organization

Judge Jeanine:  Fox Nation host and investigative journalist Lara Logan joins me to react. All right Lara, what is your reaction to the latest warning?

Lara Logan:  Well, I’ve never seen anything like it, because I’ve been working with Americans. I’m here and on the ground in Afghanistan to try to evacuate people, and every single time they’ve been staged at a gate and feel like they’re making traction, and they’re going to get the guards, U.S soldiers to let them in, what have they done? A credible threat and everything gets shut down. And this is the playbook that has been really repeating itself over and over and over again for the last twelve days.

And I find it absolutely staggering that the United States intelligence services, and the military and the Joint Chiefs, and all those smart people could have missed everything that the Taliban and Pakistan and Qatar were planning. All of the staging of forces inside Pakistan, the movement of troops by the Pakistani military when they were sending Taliban fighters up in their helicopters to infiltrate Afghanistan from the north and the movement of supplies and logistics across the border. We missed all of that, but we suddenly have the most robust intelligence apparatus in the world. Boy, I tell you Judge, they don’t miss a trick right now.

And this idea that there’s a threat to U.S. forces? You didn’t put a perimeter, you let the Taliban tell you what to do, you gave them billions of dollars worth of weapons, you haven’t taken one single action to actually protect your forces.

All you’ve done is lie to the American people, betray the American people and the American soldiers on the ground, and betray the Afghans, and in doing so, the lights of freedom today, are going out all over Afghanistan, and I can honestly say as Winston Churchill said, we don’t know if they will ever be lit again in our lifetime.

And Afghanistan is just the beginning. Well clearly with the Taliban having all of the military equipment that we have, and people say well it’s sophisticated, they don’t get it. They’ll figure it out with Iran or with China or anyone else. But you know this whole idea that the Biden Administration is trying to make us believe that you know, um that they have to get out because the Taliban is telling us, I mean this is so against the American ethos of “Leave no one behind.” It’s just it’s America’s upside down now. How is the rest of the world looking at us…”