Judge Jeanine – The Left’s Massive Socialist Spending Spree

Judge Jeanine – The Left’s Massive Socialist Spending Spree

During Judge Jeanine’s open on Saturday’s edition of Justice with Judge Jeanine the judge talked about the massive Socialist spending spree that the Democrats are trying to jam through Congress. Watch:

“Do you like Venezuela, Ever been there, ever wanted to vacation there? No? Well get ready because if the Progressive Dems have their way, Socialism will be as alive and well here in America, as it is in Venezuela. A place once sitting on more oil than any other country in the world, which after years of government overspending and welfare programs with open borders, is now a perfect example of how Socialism can ruin a nation.

“Now the rise of Socialism has never been clearer right now in America. There are forces dug in, organized and well-funded to do whatever necessary to make Socialism happen. You’ve seen the slow crawl yourself. In 2016, Bernie Sanders ran as a Democrat Socialist. We all went no.

“But four years later we found ourselves in a country inundated with DA’s and prosecutors funded by the Democrat Socialists of America, the George Soros types who were more concerned with the criminal than the victim. AOC made a name for herself with the Green New Deal pushing hard for the Socialist agenda contained in the 3.5 trillion dollar Human Infrastructure bill. Human added to emotionally tie you in, and hide the fact that not all the money is going for roads and bridges.

“This 3.5 trillion dollar alleged Build-Back Better bill when added to the trillions already been spent on the Pandemic will literally put us at the highest level of debt America has ever reached and break our bank. No worries though, Joe Biden says it will cost zero…