Jeanine: How Terrorists Are Made / The Last Mistake in Afghanistan

Jeanine: How Terrorists Are Made / The Last Mistake in Afghanistan

Tonight the United States of America stands guilty of killing ten civilians including an Afghan working for U.S. aid group carrying water, who wanted to become an American citizen along with 7 innocent children. As if this fact is not tragic enough, the Biden administration lied to us and the world claiming that

by killing these so-called ISIS terrorists with their drone, they were preventing future attacks. That was a lie. The ramifications of their actions and the following cover-up they perpetuated in lock step will forever leave a stain on America.

Joe Biden, the liar-in-chief, his generals, Milley, McKenzie, and his clueless Secretary of State, Antony Blinken are the real threat to America. They have reputedly shown us and the world they are incompetent, incoherent, ignorant and capable of lying as easily as they are talking about the weather….


From Breitbart.Com-Politics:

W. McNamee, A. Emric/Getty Images; J. Botsford, D. Goldman, M. Balce Ceneta, K. T. Sediqi/AP Photo

The Last Mistake in Afghanistan? 

Probably a lot of Americans thought that the death of 13 American servicemen and women at the Kabul airport on August 26 would be the last tragic debacle of our Afghanistan misadventure.  Indeed, perhaps some Americans felt a little better when they heard the news that the U.S. military had gotten its revenge on “terrorists,” taking out ten of them in one blow of a drone strike on August 29.  

As one defense official said on the 29th of the dead and their droned vehicle, “It was loaded up and ready to go.”  That is, they were terrorists and they had their suicide-vehicle aiming for an American target. For his part, on September 1, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, declared that the military had headed off an “imminent” threat, calling the strike “righteous.” 

Without a doubt, the strike also made the Biden administration look tough after weeks of looking weak. Yes, Biden’s Hamptons-vacationing officials might have been caught unawares of the sudden slide of events in Afghanistan. Yet now, as we were finally leaving that country, at least we were showing macho by killing bad guys on the way out. Don’t mess with Sheriff Joe

All these declarations of precision and righteousness were good enough for many in the Main Stream Media, who were happy to play stenographer to Pentagon spin doctors.  Here, for example, is CNBC’s headline on August 29: “U.S. drone strikes an ISIS-K vehicle packed with explosives in Kabul.”  We can note the simple presentation of “fact” here. This MSM outlet felt no need to insert any qualifying in the language, such as “reported” or “alleged.”  That same day, Fox News, which is increasingly a part of the MSM, added these spoonfed-by-the-Pentagon “details”: Read the read at