How to Use Shutterstock and Photoshop to Build Diversity

How to Use Shutterstock and Photoshop to Build Diversity

On Friday, Tucker opened his nightly program with a segment on the Biden Administration’s push for more diversity in our intelligence agencies. Near the end of the segment, he brings on comedian, turned “sarcastic philosopher,” Adam Corolla to join in:

There are an awful lot of issues in the news right now. A lot of them are pretty depressing, so on this Friday we thought we would start with something that just amused the hell out of us and here it is:

Back in 2015 our government so-called intelligence community, which is another Intelligent North community, announced it was embarking on a new five-year mission. The goal according to the Obama administration, was to funnel far more resources to every spy agency in this country and they’re an awful lot: the CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, and so on. Even the Coast Guard’s in-house intelligence operation was slated to get a bigger budget under this plan.

Now under normal circumstances an announcement like that would set off fear and trembling among our opponents around the world. They’d be shaking in their caves. The Chinese might think twice before bribing more Harvard professors, before sending Eric Swalwell a new secret agent to have sex with, and he needs one, but in this case on the day of this announcement, they just laughed because they knew that money was not going to buy more drones. We weren’t getting more sophisticated surveillance equipment and more agents in the field.

No, that money was earmarked for new platoons of equity and inclusion consultants and HR Administrators. The point of the money was to make the intelligence community more diverse, meaning less white and less male. Finally America’s spies would look different, and that is essential if you want to, to well, actually we’re not sure why it’s essential. What do the race and gender of intelligence agency employees have to do with keeping America safe? Well they never told us. Instead they repeated something that we had heard once or twice before: They said diversity is our strength…