Equality and Fairness and the US Postal Service

Equality and Fairness and the US Postal Service

When opening a letter today I noticed that the envelope had the new Equality stamp on it.  It’s one of a quartet of stamps released earlier this year: Freedom, Liberty, Equality and Justice. 

It’s a real nice design with a beautiful picture of Old Glory on it.  But given the times we live in, and the regime we are now under,  I just couldn’t help wondering what the stamp’s designer, or more importantly the person or group who commissioned and approved this stamp, meant by the word, equality

With this word appearing prominently below the flag, I hope they were referring to equal opportunity, as our founding fathers did. 

Somehow I can’t help wondering though, that may be the intent of this beautifully designed postage stamp was to promote quite another meaning of the word, one more in line with our Dear Leader’s view, that of equal outcomes.

If this is true, then maybe we need another stamp to remove all questions of ambiguity.  I even came up with one.  I call it the Fairness stamp. 

It has a flag like the one that hung outside the Lake County, Florida Democratic Party headquarters for awhile, with a bust of Obama replacing the 50 stars.  Check out my rendition of it to the left. 

With all the nonstop rants using the word fairness today from Obama, and its constant parroting by Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Durbin, Wasserman-Schultz and the rest of the Progressives, the Fairness stamp seems appropriate to me.  

What do you think?