Bongino: DOJ to Monitor “Threats” by Protesting Parents

Bongino: DOJ to Monitor “Threats” by Protesting Parents

On Saturday’s broadcast of his Fox News program, Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, Dan opened with the Biden Administration’s attacks on free speech manifested by Attorney General, Merrick Garland’s attempts to label parents who express their dissatisfaction with school board members as domestic terrorists. Watch:

‘The left is terrified. And they’re working harder than ever to shut us up, Conservatives that is. You know patriots. They hate us. The DOJ is using law enforcement resources and the Patriot Act, to watch us, our neighbors, parents, moms, and dads, and stuff. You know the real threats in America, people who choose to voice opinions in a public forum. You know school boards and stuff.

‘This comes with a massive opportunity cost. Look at this from the DOJ. This is incredible. Talking about a disturbing trend of what? Parents showing up at school boards to speak out because they don’t want their kids to be taught Critical Racism [Sic] Theory, because that’s what it is. But do these people look and sound like a terror threat to the United States to you [Applause]?

 [Dan Shows brief clip of a school board meeting] ‘Something is wrong with this picture. Is this agenda really about public health [Applause]? ‘You should be ashamed. Your actions have been despicable. It is clear you don’t listen to our objections, but the world is listening.’

[Dan resumes his monologue]’ Looks like a bunch of patriots to me folks, assembling and petitioning their government. You know like in the Constitution and all. The left should try that; there’s an app for the Constitution. You can download it. I’m serious, try it sometime.

‘Folks, this is the new American left, just like the old American left. Get used to it. When they can’t win an argument, which is like never, they try to use government force to shut us down and shut us up. That’s who they are. That’s who they’ve always been, but parents and patriots are starting to figure it out.

‘Here’s how we fight back: [Dan plays another clip from a school board meeting]. ‘The only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system. That’s it. [Applause] We’ve been at these school board meetings, we’ve been voicing our opinions, we’re writing articles and they don’t care. So I’m like the only thing left to do is to just peace out.’

[Dan resumes his monologue] ‘Yep peace out. I’m with you one hundred percent. And for the leftists out there, and there are a lot of you telling us: ‘Oh the Attorney General, he’s just pure heart. He just wants peace and you know he wants peace and quiet at school boards, and all.’

‘Do you follow the money trail? How it hits Merrick Garland? Did you see this article at Attorney General Garland faces scrutiny over ties to a Zuckerberg-backed consultancy amid Critical Race Theory battles?’ Article’s interesting, talks about this company, Panorama that had a seventy eight million dollar investment of coronavirus relief that Fairfax County Public Schools ‘directed towards a welcoming and culturally responsive environment for students.’ Funding’s intended to support equity, professional development. Sounds a lot like CRT junk to me.

‘Yeah you should probably look at that Panorama company, and how it’s tied to uh the daughter of Merrick Garland. According to the report, it’s just interesting. It’s pretty clear conflict of interest to me, but it’s the Biden administration, nobody gives a damn about conflicts of interest in the Biden Administration. It’s not like the media is ever going to say anything about it either. I mean they’re full-time activists anyway for Biden. This works great for them. So what does this reveal about our country…?