Biden’s Bungling Surged the Virus and Killed the Economy

Biden’s Bungling Surged the Virus and Killed the Economy

Brendan Smailowski/AFP via Getty Images

by John Nolte

His Fraudulency Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election based primarily on his promise to shut down the virus and not the economy. Well, here we are, one year into this presidency, and the exact opposite has happened.

As I write this, the coronavirus is surging to record levels. Meanwhile, the economy is stalling in ways that seemed impossible a year ago.

And all of this, every bit of it, is Joe Biden’s fault.

On the “shutting down the virus” front, Biden stupidly placed all of his eggs into the “vaccine” basket. For whatever lunatic reason, he believed America could vaccinate its way out of the pandemic. Honestly, on what planet did Biden think that was possible when the vaccine does not stop those who are vaccinated from spreading or catching the virus? All the vaccine does is reduce your symptoms. Sure, there’s no question the Trump Vaccine has saved lives and hospitalizations, but that still leaves us with a virus that can spread and infect. Read the rest at