Life, Liberty and Levin… American Marxism

Life, Liberty and Levin… American Marxism

On Sunday night’s edition of Life, Liberty and Levin, Mark talked about the current Marxist assault on our Republic/lifestyle in a lengthy, but poignant monologue followed by discussions with his two guests, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Congressman Lee Zeldin:

Begin transcript: Hello America. I’m Mark Levin and this is Life Liberty and Levin. American Marxism, this is a topic I’m going to be covering for many, many months. Why? It sounds weird, doesn’t it? Yeah it sounds weird, but it is surrounding us, it’s in our everyday life. Marxism has spawned a number of movements in this country over the course of decades, but it has now reached its pinnacle.  

Whether it’s Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory, Critical Immigration Theory, which comes under different names, the so-called Green New Deal movement, which is a Marxist attack, a de-growth movement born in Europe exported to the United States, that is a war on your lifestyle, a war on your income, a war on your private property, a war on Capitalism. It’s true, it’s here, it’s now. I’ve written a book called American Marxism. I don’t make any bones about it. We got to take the language back, we got to take the narrative back, and we need to confront this.

It’s in our schools, it’s in our immigration policies, it’s in the executive orders issued by the President of the United States. It’s in our corporations, it’s in our media. Some of these people are unwitting who are promoting it; some of them are surrogates who are useful or really useless idiots. And so that’s why I’ve written American Marxism. You can see it in Congress. You can see it playing out right now. They talk about the Squad; this isn’t a squad, this is a cabal of Marxists, who hate this country. Some of them first second generation immigrants into the country who bring their attitudes and their indoctrination into the country and are at war, right there in the halls of Congress against our own country.

They have found a home in the Democrat party. The Democrat party has no intention of doing anything about this. What has Nancy Pelosi done? she’s been equivalent, she’s been weak. Why? Because their numbers are increasing. When you have open borders and people are coming into the country, and they’re not vetted and you don’t know who they are, and when you have people in our country who welcome them by trashing America from elementary school to middle school to high school and beyond, trash America in our media, a President of the United States, who trashes his own country in the most devilish and vile terms, well people aren’t going to assimilate into our culture when our culture is under attack from within.

And so where does this all come from? Well we know where it all comes from. Now the media aren’t going to tell you where it all comes from. The Democrat party is not going to tell you. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives matter is a Marxist organization. How do we know? They don’t confess it they celebrate it. Antifa, what is it? It’s a Marxist, anarchist organization. How do we know? They say so, they’re proud of it. The media won’t say it. They’re just peaceful protesters trying to bring in racial justice. This has nothing to do a racial justice; it has nothing to do with justice of any kind. This is a full-scale multi-level intersectional attack on our system of government, on our founding, on our principles.

And the biggest political party in the country, the Democrat party, represents this movement. The media in, this country, with very few exceptions represents this movement, our educational system starting with our colleges and universities has, fomented, promoted created mobs, promoted violence coming out of our classrooms, and now has leached into our elementary, schools secondary schools and high schools. Maybe they’ll call it Critical Race Theory. Maybe they’ll call it Social Justice. Maybe they’ll call it Equity? They’ll call it whatever they will. It’s all the same thing. Some of them are completely out of the closet now.

Look at Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist. He’s not a Democratic Socialist. He’s an old Marxist. He’s an old New York Marxist who has a massive soap box. He’s in charge of the Budget Committee. He’s driving the finances into this country, this country, he’s driving them into the ground. Trillions, and trillions, and trillions of dollars of spending. And on what, to whose benefit? You already see the beginnings of inflation and once the inflation monster is out of the box, that’s going to affect each and every one of us. Why? Because it devalues the currency.

Your income, your pension, your savings, and the price of goods and services go up. So while the value of the dollar goes down, the price goes up. Guess what happens? More people are impoverished. And what will the answer be from Biden and his fellow Democrats? More spending, more government, more centralization. And by the way, these policies come with what? They come with this: An iron fist as the police state gets stronger and stronger and stronger.

Did you hear the Attorney General earlier this week? What did he say the greatest danger is? Domestic Terrorism. And what’s the greatest danger in Domestic Terrorism? White supremacy? Who are these white supremacists? The Klan? The Neo-Nazis? Well, we have a big enough FBI. We have enough prosecutors- go get them, who’s stopping them? Now what was interesting during his press conference, I didn’t hear a single name, of any organization, of any person, of any investigation, of any prosecution that’s going on.

And this is the game they’re playing: White Supremacy, the White Dominant Society. This is Critical Race Theory, This is the 1619 Project. So you’re to hate America because there’s just too much whiteness in its founding. Hate the founding dismiss every document and everything the framers did. White Supremacy white domination. Then they talk about the Klan and the neo-Nazis there’s over 60 million people in this country that the government identifies and labels as white, Caucasian. Are we all members of the Klan? Are we all neo-Nazis? How absurd, how disgusting.

You have Republican legislatures that are trying to get their election system back since the covered virus, and since the system was changed, illegitimately by judges, by governors, by boards of elections, by secretaries of state. The Federal Constitution gives this power to the state legislatures, to no one else. They did it purposely because they wanted the representatives of the people of each state to make those decisions.

So Joe Biden goes out on a blasphemous campaign, a poisonous, cancerous campaign, and accuses those legislators of conducting Jim Crow like activities to suppress the vote. Now Joe Biden knows something about Jim Crow activity since early in his Senate career he was a Jim Crowster. He supported segregation, he opposed integration in our cities. He didn’t want his kids to attend integrated schools in the inner city, called them potential jungles.

That’s Joe Biden. So he knows something about it, but he knows nothing about what’s taking place today. So the state legislatures want to go back to pre-COVIS? Was pre-COVID Jim Crow? the Attorney General of the United States says I need to double the number of civil rights division attorneys I have. And they have a new civil rights leader who is a bigot, an out and out bigot.

Why does he want to double the civil rights attorneys to go after these Republican states? Because you see, what they’re doing is the worst thing since the 1960s when Robert Kennedy was Attorney General of the United States. You see, what’s going on here. They’re true. They’re saying that people with whom they disagree are potential domestic terrorists. They lump everybody in with the Klan. They lump everybody in with the neo-Nazis and by the way, if you’re not white and you love America, and you’re not part of this, this counter-revolution, this American Marxism movement, you know what they say about you? And there are many of you Black, Hispanic, Interracial, what have you.

They say you have been colonized. Your mind your belief systems have been destroyed. You’ve been colonized. You may be Black, you may be Brown, you may be Yellow, you may be Red, you may be Interracial. It doesn’t matter because you’re one of them. If you’re not down for the Revolution, you’re one of them. That is why I’ve written this book American Marxism, to expose them, to expose it all. And then at the very end to discuss a number of things that we must do can do to claw back and get our country back, get our country back. The left doesn’t work the White people get their country back no red-blooded American Yanks of every shade, every background, every ancestry, and every religion. End Transcript

To be continued in a new post tomorrow which will begin with Mark’ first guest, Dr. Zuhdiy Jasser, a Muslim-American patriot who immigrated to the United States with his family many years ago.